Mendix supports multiple options to import data into an app, and all of them prove to be really good based on the requirements of the source type.

In this blog, I’ll focus on one of these methods which is importing and exporting CSV-formatted data, with the help of a Mendix offered module called the CSV module. When we have a lot of data to import, CSV is a great option when the data is coming from an Excel document.

The CSV Module offers some cool advantages here, which are mentioned in the Marketplace:

  1. Advantages of this connector style:
  • Microflow can be optimized for importing / exporting (e.g. by caching).
  • Suitable for…

The ability to add Java on top of the existing functionalities in Mendix is like the cherry on top of the cake for Java Geeks. On the other hand, being able to customize existing code is truly a blessing for beginners or the ones like me who are not so comfortable with Java!

The Community Commons Function Library module provides a number of reusable Java methods for our apps, which can be called from microflows or other custom Java actions. Most of them are generic while a few are specific, but we have the possibility to adjust them all based on our needs. It’s all Java from here, but don’t you worry, we’ve got it!

Use Case

I will walk you through customizing java actions by using an example I faced.

The situation was to set the value of an attribute PrevStatus of type “Enumeration” based on a “String” type attribute returned by another object.

I have been working as a Mendix Developer and being a developer we have to face new challenges everyday and think out of the box exploring new possibilities. Thankfully, Mendix is there for the rescue !

During one of my development task I came through a situation wherein exposing data via REST in CSV format was required. But to return an object via REST Service we need to first define an export mapping which as of now can be either JSON or XML mapping. The third option is to return a file.

Now, the challenge here was to return object…

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